Ear disease is a very common problem for veterinary patients.  Successful treatment requires successful identification of the primary problem.
We offer ear care solutions which include diagnostic and treatment options.  


  • Culture and Sensitivity

    Collection a culture from an infected ear and sending that to the lab to identify bacteria involved and more importantly, what antibiotic they are sensitive to helps our doctors pick the antibiotic product with the greatest chance of success. 

  • Ear cytology

    Evaluating a stained sample under the microscope can often help identify whether your pet is suffering from bacteria, yeast or ear mites.


  • Ear wash

    Many ear patienst benefit from a pH balanced ear wash to help break down and remove ear debris allowing mediction to get to the surface of the problem for a more effective treatment.

  • Therapeutic Topicals

    We carry a wide range ot products for bacterial, mite and yeast therapy, many of which can be combined with systemic treatments for a more comprehensive treatment plan.

  • Long Acting Topicals

    We now provide long acting options for pets who are sensitive to ear applications.

Call our office today to get your pet started on the road to recovery from their ear problem.

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