The lifestyle of today's pet is much more intertwined with our family than ever before. Many pets sleep in the bed with parents and children. When everyone goes to sleep, our cats rule the roost and explore every imaginable surface (even the ones on which you don't want to imagine them - like traveling from litter box to the dining room table top). And what is even more disturbing is the realization that some parasites can be transmitted from pets to people. At the Interstate Animal Clinic, we know the importance of keeping your pet and your family healthy.

Regular fecal exams and maintaining regular intestinal parasite prevention are important components of comprehensive family health care.

Call today to set up an appointment to have a fecal exam scheduled for your pet.

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Fecal Sample $31 Includes:

  • Direct saline smear for protozoal parasites like Campylobacter, Giardia and Coccidia (many of which can be transmissible to people)

  • Centrifuged sample - best for finding whip worms

  • Concentrate flotation to consolidate and identify parasites like hook and round worms

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