Is your pet "Senior" ? Remember, pets age 6 - 9 years for every calendar year so if your pet is 7 years of age or older - it is time to think about the early diagnostic advantage of our Senior Wellness Workup.  

Keeping pets healthier longer can often be accomplished by identifying problems before symptoms are showing - then managing those conditions to slow their progress.

Our Senior Wellness visit helps us check for a wide range of hidden problems like early kidney issues, diabetes, thyroid problems and heart disease.

By combining these services in a package you save over $100 off of their collective individual prices.  Plus you can save a whopping additional $75 off of our standard Senior Wellness Workup price in the months of June and November

Senior Wellness Workup Includes:

  • Chemistry panel with liver and kidney values, electrolyes and sugar test

  • White blood cell count and differential for anemia, hemoglobin, and white cell changes

  • Urinalysis

  • Thyroid screen

  • Blood Pressure

  • SDMA early Kidney disease test

  • Pro BNP Heart Enzyme test

  • $108 Package discount for a Wellness Package Price of $344

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