While skin and ear issues are the number one client concern for dogs, litter box issues are the number one problem for cats. 

Urinary  issues for both dogs and cats can range from urinating too much to straining to urinate at all.

Pets that are straining to urinate (particularly male pets) may suffer from a urethral blockage or stones. This is a critical emergency warranting immediate medical attention. Unlike Kidney stones in people, these obstructions block the ability to pass urine from the bladder out of the body and result in a bladder that gets bigger and bigger putting backpressure on the kidneys and the heart ... which can be fatal. Blood work, imaging, and a urinalysis often precede the need for anesthesia and flushing or sometimes even surgical removal of the urethral blockage. Pets usually recover with a urinary catheter for one to several days while the obstruction site heals.

Urinating too much can result from bladder disease, kidney disease, diabetes, liver or adrenal gland disease. Diagnostic blood tests, urinalysis and sometimes bladder imaging with an ultrasound or radiograph may help narrow down the underlying cause and develop a treatment plan.

Don't strain yourself over litter box issues, call our office for professional help today.

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