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Selecting the perfect food for your pet 1/5

Text for the Hearing Impaired

Hello, I'm Dr. Dean Hunter with the Interstate Animal Clinic and this is the first of a Five part video series on the most challenging problem most pet owners face ...
Choosing a quality Pet Food.

Thirty years ago, the cereal aisle was the absolute worst aisle in the grocery store to travel down because Marketing companies had targeted kids with Saturday morning cartoon ads and a prize inside each box.

Today, the pet food industry is a 25 billion dollar industry and the marketing firms are all aggressively vying for your consumer dollar -filling you with confusion and guilt, making the pet food aisle the store's newest biggest consumer challenge.

To complicate the issue, every friend, relative or even casual acquaintance who has even skimmed a the headlines of at least three internet articles, fancies themselves to be a bit of an expert on the subject. And they are always at the ready to share their expertise and point out all your pet food mistakes, whether you ask them too or not.

In this video series, we'll get to the meat of the matter, and give you the confidence to tackle the pet food aisle... and look smugly down at your neighbor when they start criticizing your choices.

The first and most important concept, is to be able to recognize the efforts of marketing .

Marketing companies are not truly part of the pet care industry. They simply search for items they can purchase for one price, develop an advertising campaign for, then sell at a higher price for a profit. This doesn't make them bad people or bad companies but that is their business.

Marketing companies put pictures of T-Bone steaks, leg of lamb, rotisserie chicken, and salmon filets on pet food packaging, all designed to lead the consumer to believe that these are the products inside the package ... even though they are not.

Marketing companies develop advertising campaigns that include Wolves leaping over logs in the forest and pets running up to voraciously consume - what is presumably their product in a food bowl while upbeat music plays in the background.

Marketers develop and promote campaigns based on buzz words and catch phrases designed to make their product sound better and a competitor's product sound worse, like "All natural" and "Meat First" or "Grain Free" .

Now that we have looked behind the curtain to see the marketing wizards, In our next video, we'll learn how to look past the sound of the sizzle and smell of the smoke of marketing and find the actual meat in pet food products .

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