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Selecting the perfect food for your pet 3/5

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Hello - I'm Dr. Dean Hunter with the Interstate Animal Clinic . Welcome to our third video on selecting a quality pet food.

On our last video, we showed you how to start selecting your pet's food by manufacturer rather than marketer.
But now that we have identified who manufactured your pet's food, let's work on trying to separate them to find the best.

First you want to make sure that the manufacture employees a veterinary nutritionist - this can be challenging but fortunately there is a web site that has done the leg work for us. The folks at the Pet Nutrition Alliance called all the manufacturers and asked who did and who didn't' employee nutritionists . then they assembled that information on a searchable database that is easy for you to use. We have provided a link for you on our Links page and on the page below this video.

Of course you can call the manufacture yourself with the numbers listed on your pet food label and verify that information.

Lastly, You ideally want to find a manufacture who is invested in the pet nutrition industry. These companies perform and support nutritional research and do pet food trials. One of the easy ways to find that on your pet food package is to look for the AAFCO statement.

Among the many things The American Association of Feed Control Officials does is, it helps establish Nutritional statement standards. The AAFCO nutritional statement on the package identifies how the nutritional standards were established for a product.

Ideally the manufacturer you chose should have a number of their products developed based on food trials rather than just a nutritional profile analysis. Bear in mind, they typically won't do separate food trials for all products in a comparable line such as a Small Bites and a Large Breed formula of the same product.

Pet food manufacturers committed to the pet food industry will also often have a line of prescription diets made specifically for pets with diet supported medical conditions such as kidney disease or bladder stones - but make sure they meet all the previous discussed requirements , meaning they manufacture and market their own product, and they have a nutritionist on staff.

The majority of work done in veterinary nutrition in the past half century has been done by the following four companies: the Hills/Science Diet Company, The Purina Company, The Iams/Eukanuba Company, and the Waltham /Royal Canin Company. These are always a great place to start when looking for a manufacturer committed to the healthy pets and the pet food industry.

In our fourth video of the series, we'll try to identify some of the buzz word claims used by marketing companies so we can avoid being drawn in by the smoke and sizzle but rather focus on the steak.

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