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Selecting the perfect food for your pet 5/5

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Hello - I'm Dr. Dean Hunter with the Interstate Animal Clinic . Welcome to our 5th and last video on selecting a great food for your pet.

Let's wrap up with a quick note on diets that are not only bad but may be dangerous for your pet, then touch base on how to tell if you've chosen a good diet for your specific pet.

We talked in our last video about the problems associated with feeding grain free diets so now, let's talk about Raw food and Vegan diets.

You should be aware that, while animals in the wild do have a "raw food diet" they don't often live as long as our pets do and they don't live in close proximity to our family members. Raw food diets are not recommended by the Centers for Disease Control, FDA or the American Veterinary Medical Association because they can cause a potential bacterial health risk to your family members living with pets. This is of particular concern to our most vulnerable family members ... the very young, the elderly, and any who are immune compromised.

And while people may choose to be vegans, pets are not. As a matter of fact, cats are "Obligate Carnivores" meaning that there a some nutrients their body requires to survive that are only found in meat products. So not only are vegan diets unhealthy for them, they could be fatal.

So now that you have reached the end of our VLOG series on diet selection, let's finish by talking about how to tell if your diet choice is a good choice for your pet.

When evaluating your pet's food I always say "The proof is in the pudding" or more specifically - the lack thereof. The food you pick for your pet should be one they:
1 . eat well
2. consume a reasonable amount to maintain their weight
3. leaves them with a healthy skin and coat.
4. and produces compact well formed stool ... no puddin.

For those of you who want to know what I feed my pets:

My dog Gabe is a senior now so I buy a Purina Prescription product called JM for Joint Mobility and to help keep his teeth from building plaque, I mix it half and half with Purina's DH for Dental Health. These are both part of the Purina Prescription pet food line and are both made by the Purina plant here in the US.

My cat Mic and Shelly's cat Ralph are both fed Purina's Prescription DM. This product is made specifically for diabetic cats but I use it because it has a very high protein and low carb content - which is a formulation nutritionists are finding more and more through diet research is an important combination for cats. Ralph gets the canned food which is not good for his teeth but better for his kidneys. Mic won't eat canned food well so he gets the dry DM.

I should note that Purina is NOT a sponsor and has not paid anything for my endorsement. They don't even provide me with free food, I buy mine just like you do yours.

I hope we've given you enough information to tackle the dreaded pet food aisle with confidence and to look condescendingly down at your neighbor the next time they try to criticize your choices.

Remember our staff is always happy to help you order prescription diets from all the major manufacturers.

Be sure and share this video with your friends and to learn more about pet foods, follow the links provided on our website at ARPetVet.comactual meat in pet food products .

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