There are enough flea tick and heartworm products on the market to make anyone want to chase their tail. At the Interstate Animal Clinic, we try to sort through the wide variety of options and narrow the field to what we believe to be a good selection of quality products. We have tried to divide these between Dog and Cat products as well as products for Fleas, Ticks and Heartworms. Unfortunately, there is NO quality product on the market that safely and effectively treats Fleas, Heartworms, and ALL TICKS.
Products can also be divided between those that are applied topically and those that are given orally. Topical products need to be applied to the skin, not the hair so if your pet has thick dense hair, you might consider oral products. If your pet is a finicky eater, you might consider topical products.
Prices change based on manufacturer costs but they also often run specials not available with online marketing - call for current pricing.
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Flea and Tick Prevention Options:

  • Seresto 8 Month Collar

    Available for both Dogs and Cats

  • Monthly Topical

    Best for Finicky eaters who don't take oral medicine well

  • Monthly Oral

    Best for pets that love treats or have a thick heavy hair coat

Seresto Collars

Dogs and Cats.  Doctor's Number 1 Choice.

Lasts 6 - 8 months - kills and prevents parasites from biting. Effective on both fleas and ticks.

All sizes $71

Monthly Topical

  • Dogs and Cats

  • Hair must be parted and administration must be placed directly on the skin. 

  • Ideal for finicky eaters.  

  • Prevents parasite from biting pet - Ideal for Allergic pets

    • AdvanTix II


      Fleas, larva and Flea eggs, Ticks, prevents Mosquito bites

    • Advantage II

      Fleas, eggs and larva - Safe for cats.

    • Frontline Gold

      Fleas, egg and larva and Ticks.  Safe for cats and dogs

    • Bravecto Topical for Cats

      Fleas and Ticks.  Safe for cats and lasts 3 months

Prices for 6 month box

Weight (lbs)
Advantage II (cats) 
AdvanTix II (dogs)
 cats < 9 lbs
 cats > 9 lbs
Dogs < 10 lbs
10 - 20
20 - 55
55 - 100
Weight (lbs)
Frontline Gold
< 22 lbs
22 - 44
44 - 88
88 - 132
Weight (lbs)
Bravecto 3 month tube
Cats < 6 lbs
Cats 6 - 13
Cats > 13

Monthly Oral

Combination products available for control of intestinal parasites and fleas - though not effective in flea allergice patients.

  • Dogs

  • May be easier for thick dense coated pets

  • May NOT BE ideal for finicky eaters.  

  • Both are Prescription products and should not be used in Dogs with a history of Seizures

  • Bravecto

    Fleas and ticks. 1 Chew Lasts 3 Months.
    Prescription product and should not be used in Dogs with a history of Seizures

    All sizes $56
  • Nexguard

    Fleas and Ticks.  3 monthly chews in each package 
    Prescription product and should not be used in Dogs with a history of Seizures

Weight (lbs)
Nexguard 3 Monthly Chews
< 10 lbs
10 - 24
24 - 60
60 - 121

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