New Year's Resolutions always seem to start with an effort to get fit and loose weight - for us and our pets.  Let the Interstate Animal Clinic help you make that goal a reality by starting your pet off with a Get Fit Checkup.  

We start with a standard blood screen to check for diabetes, anemia, liver problems, kidney and hydration concerns and underlying infections - but then we take the extra step to screenfor some of the endocrine problems that can sabatage your pet's weight loss efforts including thyroid and cortisol issues.

By combining these services in a package you save over $28 off of their collective individual prices.  Plus you can save an additional whopping additional $30 off of our standard Get Fit Checkup price in the months of January.

Get Fit Checkup Workup Includes:

  • Chemistry panel with liver and kidney values, electrolyes and sugar test

  • White blood cell count and differential for anemia, hemoglobin, and white cell changes

  • Thyroid screen

  • Cortisol baseline screen

  • Triglycerides test

  • $28 Package discount for a Get Fit Package Price of $229

  • $30 January Get Fit Discount for a total package price of $199

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