At the Interstate Animal Clinic, we provide a wide range of quality health care products and services to meet all your companion pet care needs. Remember when shopping for products and services, price is only the smaller and least integral part of the story. Quality and value are much more important to the discerning pet owner. Sometimes it is difficult to know if you are comparing apples to apples or ... pears to artichokes (they may both be green and shaped similarly - but they are not the same.

We stock and recommend one of the largest selections of preventative care vaccines including one and three year vaccines, Lyme vaccine, dual valent Influenza vaccine, intranasal and injectable Bordatella vaccines as well as specialized modified live vaccines which are faster, stronger and safer just for cats.

Our on site lab provides us with rapid results for most common blood, fecal and urine exams. We have state of the art digital radiology for both dental X-rays and whole body X-rays. Additionally, we are one of the few offices in the state that have capacity for intra-operative X-rays. Our office supports complimentary imaging including ultrasound and endoscopy. Anesthesia and surgical services are supported by comprehensive patient monitoring for improved anesthetic safety of pets of all sizes and ages.

Along with a wide assortment of prescription products, our pharmacy stocks a wide array of heartworm prevention for both dogs and cats as well as flea, tick and inestinal parasite control. We also carry a number of skin and ear care options as well as products for joints and arthritis.

We are proud to make available hard to find prescription diets from several national pet food companies.
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