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Selecting the perfect food for your pet 2/5

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Hello - I'm Dr. Dean Hunter with the Interstate Animal Clinic . Welcome back to the second video in our series on learning to select a great food for your pets. In the last video we talked about the smoke and sizzle of marketing - in this one, we will get to the actual meat on the grill as we talk about how to choose pet food based on the manufacturer .

Somewhere, often hidden in small print on the pet food package, there should be a manufacturing statement identifying who manufactured the food and ideally where it was produced.

If you can't find that on the package, it means the marketing company doesn't want you to know who made the product or where it was manufactured - this is typically not a good sign of a quality product.

If you find a manufacturing statement that says "this product was manufactured FOR " ...then lists the marketing company selling the product - once again, they don't want you to actually know who made it - and again, this is not a good sign.

If you find a manufacturing statement telling you who and where the product was made - then check to see if that matches the company marketing the product.

If they are not the same company then this is a product manufactured by one company for a separate marketing company. While this is one step up from hiding the manufacturer it is still not ideal.

A preferable product is one in which the manufacturing company is the same as the company selling the product so you are assured there is one company standing behind its quality standards.

And if you take things one step further, check to see if the product was manufactured in the USA - while Patriotism is always nice, it is important to note that not all countries maintain the same quality standards in production as the US (which is a lesson we all learned the hard way with the melamine toxicity that hit so many pet food products manufactured in China several years ago).

So, find the manufacturing label on your pet food product, and confirm that the manufacturer is the same ownership as the company marketing the food.

In our next video, we'll discuss separating the sheep from the goats to identify the best pet food manufacturers.

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